Brand creation

Bringing a brand to long-term life relies on creativity, discipline, plus years of experience. Today, digital is arguably an even more important medium than print or 3D, but how many brand consultants and designers are fluent across all? We are; it's been our chosen specialism since the internet was invented.

In business, creativity needs to be guided by business insight and combined with discipline and experience to stand the test of time. Striking the right balance isn’t easy. Keeping things simple requires thought, experience and confidence; ever tried writing a short note about a complex subject? Yes, it is a cliché, but less usually is more.

When it comes to interpreting a ‘big idea’ across today’s multiple media – at the same time considering static, video and sonic brand identities – you need a brand design team that thinks and works differently. At Nucleus, all our designers are ‘hybrids’, equally at ease designing a new brand mark or an iPad or iPhone-friendly website.

New digital devices pose new creative challenges for brand designers. If a website now needs to accessed by a device as small as a smartphone and also a screen as large as a jumbo tv, new skills are required to create 'fluid' designs that re-flow depending on the device being used. Furthermore, video is bound to become more important to brands that, until now, haven't thought about themselves as 'kinetic'. These new creative and technical challenges are nourishing for our hugely talented design team.

Likewise, designing for global customers means languages, colours, graphics all take on new and different meanings in the context of different cultures. Imposing Western design aesthetics across the board is now a thing of the past. It may have been what everyone aspired to in the past, but this isn't necessarily the case in the future.

To judge the consistent quality and longevity of our creative work, take a look at our brand and digital case histories.