Brand Strategy

For more than a hundred years the value of brands has been recognised as a way of commanding a premium price and position in the marketplace but, to be successful, a brand must define a brand strategy that ensures key audiences understand its added-value proposition, based on superior efficacy, quality or emotional appeal.

What do you want to be famous for?
Our five step strategic approach ensures that any brand programme aligns its brand strategy with the achievement of business objectives.

The core brand challenge is always to encapsulate ‘what the brand wants to be famous for’ in a clear and accurate statement. If the brand needs a new name, there is the opportunity to align this with the proposition. If the brand name already exists, it will need to be associated with the refreshed value proposition.

This strategic effort requires investment, but it must be completed before a creative brief is defined, otherwise there is a risk that the design solution will not communicate the proposition and brand values and fail to differentiate in the marketplace.

The strategy should always consider how to protect the brand assets, by way of trade marks, design rights and copyright. In addition, for new names, there is also the increasingly difficult challenge of acquiring appropriate high-level internet domain names.

We always adopt a rigorous approach
Nucleus has developed a methodical process to defining the foundation for any brand strategy; Brand Promise. We deconstruct or ‘unpack’ the brand and strip it back to basics before rebuilding it, step-by-step, to ensure a new, differentiated value proposition is built on brand truths, which the business is confident it can deliver continuously. This builds internal consensus and ensures that if re-naming or rebranding is required, it will underpin the overall value proposition and takes into account any need for regional or sector ‘tuning’.

This process is designed to ensure that the brand strategy always supports the achievement of wider business objectives, based on the individual strengths of the organization, while avoiding the very real danger of creating a gap between aspirational promise and actual ability to deliver.

In a world where it’s now become uncomfortable to be even the third biggest brand in a highly competitive market (Nokia, Blackberry), it’s vital that winning global brands are built on compelling value propositions that are brought to life with engaging and aligned brand experiences.
We truly live in a digital world where, as we put it at Nucleus – ‘Your brand is your business; your business is your brand.’

If you are interested, our case histories provide all the proof you will need...