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Topping Rose House

A glimpse of Long Island luxury

Topping Rose House in Bridgehampton, New York is the Hamptons’ first full-service luxury hotel, offering elegantly appointed rooms, a historic barn for private events and a restaurant from acclaimed American chef, Tom Colicchio.

Built in 1842 for its namesake, Judge Abraham Topping Rose and his family, this Greek Revival-style mansion has been carefully restored to honour its antique elements while creating a modern space that caters for the discerning traveller of today. Topping Rose House is a unique addition to this legendary beach community.

After an international search, Nucleus was selected and commissioned to define a digital strategy and design a website to bring Topping Rose House to life online, targetting a discerning international audience with browsers as likely to use an iPhone or iPad as a laptop.

A year ahead of opening in May 2013 we let the world know about Topping Rose House with a teaser site, that established a digital precence and SEO footprint. As images were not then available, we decided against using computer generated images and instead opted for a more intriguing approach. The teaser site, launched in early May 2012, used a responsive design to fluidly reformat content depending on the device being used, whether that's a PC, iPad or smartphone. Content was expanded over the pre-opening period, while the potential guests registered for the Topping Rose House newsletter. 

We then designed and built the full transactional website complete with online booking. This, again, focused on the mobile web browser as much as the laptop or PC user, with a responsive design approach that is easy to use on the move from a smartphone or iPad. New photography brings the hotel to life and showcases its beautiful design.

The opening of Topping Rose House has been a success, with plenty of positive coverage in influential publications and traffic to the website growing substantially over the past year. With the teaser strategy paying off, by the time the hotel opened its doors to guests in May 2013, Topping Rose House was already in the top two for most Google searches based on 'Bridgehampton' and 'The Hamptons'.