Your brand is your business;  your business is your brand.

Nucleus helps our clients shape successful futures for their brands, by combining strategy, design, digital and IP to create value through:

Brand Promise
We identify and articulate brand purpose, create new brand names and define compelling value propositions.

Brand Experience
We design timeless brand identities and award-winning websites to engage customers in a connected digital world.

Brand Asset Management
We develop and manage brand assets, including websites, apps and intellectual property, registering trade marks across the world.

Unusually for brand consultants we also practice what we preach, founding our own innovative ventures and nurturing them to maturity.

04 September 2018: Wealth management and the digital revolution

With digital disruption ripping through so many industries, our latest research report Wealth management and the digital revolution explores the forces of transformational change buffeting the industry, including why wealthy millennials, the inheritors and creators of wealth over the coming years, have very different expectations and preferences to their baby boomer parents.

Digital disruption has spread beyond retailing, high street banking and taxi hailing and is now impacting the professional classes, with a recent McKinsey report ‘Jobs lost, jobs won’ forecasting that robots will replace 800 million jobs by 2030. A recent competition by legal Artificial Intelligence platform LawGeex, in consultation with law professors from Stanford University, Duke University School of Law and University of Southern California, pitted 20 experienced human lawyers against an AI trained to evaluate legal contracts. They all read a series of non-disclosure agreements with deliberate loopholes included. The results showed the humans achieved an accuracy rate of 85 per cent and the AI 95 per cent. The humans took an average of 92 minutes to complete the task, the AI 26 seconds…

This free report offers digital insights for all brands  especially luxury brands targeting the HNWI audiences  and identifies how brand can be an effective catalyst for transformational change in a digital world.

Download our latest report Wealth management and the digital revolution




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