Technical development

Good technical development brings great ideas to life across an ever-expanding range of digital devices. It enables consistent performance at well above average usage, whilst ensuring the security of company and customer data.

Our team has expertise in many technologies and the depth of experience to deliver secure, high-performance digital solutions. We match front-end innovations with the integration of corporate back-end systems.

We believe in selecting the right systems for any situation, based on budget and business and user requirements. Future-proofing a digital solution is always a challenge, but by understanding the business drivers and keeping abreast of digital innovations, we can define and then address likely needs. We also carefully evaluate our technology partners’ development paths to ascertain preferred products and solutions.

We are experts in Content Management Systems (CMS), with wide experience of EPiServer, Tridion, Kentico, Ektron and Composite C1, as well as with integrating social media, eCommerce applications, booking systems and other back-end technologies.

Keeping up-to-date with the latest innovations is both a challenge and hobby of ours. We build with HTML5 and CSS3 standards and look to optimise the experience for our users – whatever device they are browsing with. We have therefore become expert at develop cross-device or 'responsive' mobile websites, as well as native apps for the growing market of iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

Developing responsive websites is a particular specialism, where our developers need to work hand-in-hand with designers to interpret pixel-perfect designs and adapt them across a multitude of screen sizes, proportions, browsers and resolutions.

Our development processes and QA controls, refined over more than 15 years of digital development, means that we consistently meet project deliverables and deadlines on-time and on-budget.