Key people

Nucleus has prospered for three decades as an independent consultancy because our people are special. But it is not enough to hire the most talented individuals; you also need to create a culture where learning is continuous, initiative encouraged and responsibility comes early. This way people feel they can grow without having to ‘move on’ and experience can build in the organisation.

An unusual feature of Nucleus is our organic team culture – one that does not require a hierarchical management structure. We have the confidence to put the people with the most relevant expertise and experience into any given situation. This is possible because our leadership team has worked together for many years and trust each other to always deliver their best. During that time they have all developed unique and hybrid skills, combining different blends of business, brand, digital and ip expertise.

Leadership team members are always engaged as hands-on consultants in client projects. They win and lead our projects, so we never deploy a ‘sales’ or ‘pitch’ team and then leave the work in the hands of junior consultants. Instead, our clients meet the people that they will work with, from initial proposal to delivery.

Clients tell us that they appreciate the attention to detail, dedication and personal touch of working with Nucleus. It’s what we have always strived to achieve, and our attitude will not change. We work in a service industry where the demands get ever more challenging. We have been, and always will be, ready to meet those challenges, because we firmly believe in the value of our professional reputation. Put simply, “our brand is our business; and our business is our brand”.

Like our competitors, we are only ever as good as our last project.