07 December 2011

Ones to Watch: 10 of the hottest payment start-ups in town

A wave of new payment start-ups is challenging traditional models and spurring more established players into taking action to develop their own market share.

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22 November 2011

Regent Hotels and Resorts unveils new site

Luxury hotel group Regent Hotels and Resorts has unveiled its new global web presence developed with UK-based digital brand agency Nucleus.

The new platform has been developed with the growing use of smartphones and tablet computers in mind as well as the hotel chain’s global expansion plans.

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04 November 2011

Corinthia spa site gets mobile treatment from Nucleus

Digital agency Nucleus has created a mobile-optimised spa microsite for five-star London hotel The Corinthia.
The ESPA Life at Corinthia site is configured for use on iPhones and other smartphones, on iPads and on desktop PCs.

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28 September 2011

Tnooz Nuggets – Friday 28 October 2011

Nucleus has joined forces with ESPA Life at Corinthia to create a multi-device website for iPhones, iPads and PCs. The digital consultancy has designed a site which serves up the same information and design based on how the consumer is accessing it.

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21 September 2011

Are the new Top Level Domains really any use to travel brands?

I’ve likened .brand domains to haemorrhoids. No-one wants them, but many will end-up getting one.

The proposed .brand domains are the most controversial of a glut of new gTLDs (global Top Level Domains), being released by ICANN, the international body that in 2004 allowed us to register .eu, .asia, .mobi and .travel domains.

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23 June 2011

Why NFC Alone Won’t Change Mobile Payments

It seems like every day there’s a headline about mobile payments. Yesterday we heard Google had a security problem with it’s NFC Nexus S, last week it was Vodafone, O2 and Everything Everywhere (what a brand proposition to live up to) announcing

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