Our strategic brand agency approach

Design has always been about problem solving, and if you want to solve problems consistently you need a proven process or methodology. While our strategic brand agency approach has evolved over the years, this 5-step process provides the discipline to solve every kind of brand or digital challenge...

Whether we are defining a new brand strategy, naming a new brand, re-imagining a brand identity, or designing a transactional website or app, our expert consultants follow the same disciplined 5-step brand and digital development process that always starts with understanding the context for the project before identifying all the project requirements.

Our 5-step process

Understand the situation

Our first step on any brand or digital project is to understand the project scope and business goals. We then use this discovery stage to collect and analyse information and hard data, often including management and employee interviews, to undertand the market, customers, their needs, how competitors satisfy those needs, what the brand can deliver that others can't, as well as identifying project constraints and technical limitations.

Define the proposition

We accurately identify the problem that needs to be solved, or the opportunity to be realised. Only then can we properly define the project’s business and technical requirements and write a creative brief. By deconstructing the current reality, we can then rebuild it, step-by-step, engaging our client’s leadership team to ensure clarity of purpose and precise and accurate outputs. This joint process ensures engagement with the key challenges and ownership of the subsequent solution.

Create the brand experience

Once all the requirements are documented, we can then start to design the solution, whether it is a new brand name, a creative brand concept, a fresh value proposition, a game changing app, ecommerce website or transformed brand experience. We then evaluate the concepts and select one to refine, specifying and often prototyping our recommendation in the process.

Make it happen

From a signed-off specification, we can then deliver the brand experience, executing our concept using our team’s wide technical know-how and deep experience. We work to best-of-breed brand agency standards with our experienced project managers leading implementation, before documenting our solution in brand guidelines and digital specifications.

Continuous improvement

We thoroughly test the solution, protect the idea with trade marks and launch the brand or website, measuring results to create a continuous cycle of learning, refinement and improvement. Beyond launch, we are usually retained as the brand and digital agency to provide ongoing strategic, creative and technical advice, as well as operational support for websites and apps. This ensures a cycle of continuous improvement.


By consistently applying our brand agency's brand and digital development process, we have found we can reduce risk and time-to-market, consistently identify big ideas that help achieve strategic objectives and replicate successful brand outcomes that really do stand the test of time.

Over the years, this combination of left and right brain, of analytical precision and creative energy, brings out the best in our talented team and encourages the development of valuable hybrid skills.

Having a clear and rigorous design development process helps us simplify, avoid gimmicks and improve usability, adding value to all our brand and digital solutions. And with several brands we designed in the 1980’s still flourishing today, we have some hard evidence that our approach brings successful outcomes from carefully considered, timeless design.