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Brand naming isn’t easy. Those who think it is, often find out the hard way, with many of our brand naming assignments the result of an inexperienced agency failing to deliver a usable result.

Because brand names are such valuable assets, it’s essential to get brand naming right first time. Our methodical process aligns naming with the brand and business strategy, reinforces the brand purpose and uses filters for domain name availability and trade mark searches, conducted by our own team of trade mark attorneys.

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Our brand naming process

Naming projects require expert knowledge of the trade mark process, and a clear commercial understanding of the business proposition and the market/s the name will be competing in. From the outset, we recognise the brand name will become a valuable brand asset, which only retains value if you can protect it in all your key markets. 

We avoid unsuitable choices by filtering all name candidates for pronunciation, linguistics, cultural double-meanings and trade mark and domain checks – only proposing names with a high chance of achieving trade mark and domain name registration. This ensures that we maintain momentum and only deliver viable shortlist name candidates that meet the brief.

Once the final name is agreed, we work with our trade mark attorneys to secure trade mark registrations around the world and then manage them with trade mark watching services that alert any potentially conflicting applications.,

Product brand names

The choice of name is crucial to any product’s success. It must fully support a product’s promise to its customers, partners or other stakeholders, whilst being memorable, distinctive and relevant. By attracting and engaging its target audience, a good product name will enhance awareness, differentiate from competitors, support the desired brand experience and build trust.

As global markets become ever-more competitive, distinctive product brands – fully protected as trade marks – become increasingly valued as business assets and differentiators for their owners.

IP strategy, trade marks and IP management

Our brand strategy services include how to protect brand intellectual property, such as new brand names. We can help with a wide range of IP services through our subsidiary, Nucleus IP, which is regulated in the UK by the Intellectual Property Regulation Board (IPReg).

At an early stage in each project, we audit a client’s brand IP to assess whether there are assets that can be better secured, undervalued or no longer relevant. This focuses on the value of IP assets, to realise any latent value.

Through our team of trade mark attorneys, we conduct trade mark searches in any market in the world, and then assist with trade mark registrations. We provide other services such as trade mark watching, monitoring new filings to ensure that no infringements occur, to ensure that the value of trade marks are fully protected.

We define IP strategy, register and manage trade marks, with over 20,000 marks under management worldwide, protect design rights and copyright and help our clients commercialise their IP by negotiating and drafting licence, distribution and partnership agreements.

Web domains

Web domains can also be an important business asset. We propose domains that are relevant to the brand name, assessing the availability of domains early in the process, and offering alternatives that are logical, cost-effective and memorable. Where required, we negotiate and purchase suitable domains.

We also manage domains for our clients, ensuring that they are held securely and renewed automatically.

Our naming services

  • Brand naming
  • Product naming
  • Naming architectures
  • IP strategy, trade mark searches and applications and IP management
  • Domain strategy
  • Trade mark watching services

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