When business leaders face the end of the road, Renascent guides them towards their next horizon

18 February 2019

With business leaders transitioning from corporate life earlier than ever before, how does a CEO or senior executive deal with the sudden loss of influence, support systems and long-established sense of purpose? The end of a long-term corporate career can represent the greatest bundle of challenges and opportunities of an executive's lifetime. The new business brings together experts from many fields to create a network of highly experienced individuals who create tailor-made and holistic programmes to help senior executives transition from corporate life.

We worked with the founders to deconstruct their business concept and rebuild it using inputs from our own research, interviews and insights. The first output was to clearly define the business purpose – which is to support business leaders with their career transitions and then articulate the client value proposition, which is summarised as ‘Discover your next horizon’ but also expressed as 90-word and 30-word propositions.