Brand identity and rebranding design

Brand identity design is the nucleus of our business. This is where we unlock hidden value, add a multiplier to our strategic insights and create tangible positive differentiation between our clients' brands and their competitors.

Brand identity design brings big ideas to life and delivers carefully calibrated brand experiences to every user touchpoint. Our brand identity briefs can range from designing a start-up's new brand from scratch, or more usually, redesigning a brand identity as part of a rebranding or repositioning strategy.

Either way, designing brand identities requires strategic understanding, discipline and foresight - imagining all the applications that might be required over time, from a 2-D static logo to an animated 3-D kinetic brand with audio, designed for the GenZ TikTok generation. 

Brand Strategy Agency

Our designers are extremely experienced and remain true to fastidious standards which have seen our brand identity design solutions stand the test of time. In a digital world where everyone thinks they can be a designer, the crafts of composition, structure, typography, letterspacing, colour theory and spacial awareness have never been more important.

Elegant, timeless design

A feature of our work over many decades has been the simplicity and elegance of our graphic design which seems to stand the test of time, with some of the brands we designed in the 1980s still in use today. This is proof of a design philosophy that pays attention to proportion, negative space, carefully letterspaced typography and then impactful colour, images, video and illustration to bring designs to life.

With brands that we have named, we can use design to reinforce the meaning we intended as inspiration for the brand name, doubling the communication power of the branding process.


When a business changes its value proposition, or wants to reposition its brand in its marketplace, rebranding is often key to communicating change. This is when synchronising the visual language with the refreshed proposition becomes key with brand identity design crucial in signalling change, both to customers, but also internally to the people in the business. We have designed and implemented rebranding strategies for more than 100 companies and products over the years, either evolving famous brand identities, like KitKat, to stay in touch with consumers, to more radical changes where a company needs to change its name and create a new brand, like Covanta becoming Encyclis in Europe.

Digital branding

When it comes to UX design, good digital design is also as much about what you leave out, as what you try to include, to ensure user experiences are simple, frictionless and can convert interest into transactions. Using the latest techniques we can animate user experiences, applying progressive loading and parallax scrolling to bring user experiences to life, without them feeling gimmicky.

However, we don’t just think of creativity being the domain of designers, because we recognise creativity in everything we do and design as a broad process of questioning; and asking why not? We think if you base your thinking on a clear understanding of any challenge (problem or opportunity) you can can focus your creativity more productively. That’s why our strategy team defines the project requirements and context precisely before we design anything, so our whole team can contribute their different skills to articulate a differentiating ‘big idea’ – in words, images, typography, colour, motion and even sounds.

For brand projects, this can result in a new brand name, or a re-imagined brand identity with a transformed brand experience. Digital projects range from re-designing a website user experience to a full digital transformation including apps or a platform innovation to disrupt the market and unlock a whole new commercial opportunity.

Our digital brand experience approach focuses on satisfying the user: overcoming bias, providing effortless onboarding, seamless integration with systems and lifestyle and thoughtful interaction through outstanding UX design.

With a hugely experienced, award-winning creative team working seamlessly across brand and digital projects, we deliver integrated brand programmes for tomorrow’s digital brands.

See our brand identity case studies to find out more.

Brand design services

  • Brand identity design
  • Rebranding
  • Brand guidelines
  • Signage systems
  • Livery design
  • Design for print
  • Packaging design
  • Icon design
  • Brand experience design
  • Motion graphics
  • Audio / sonic branding
  • Art direction
  • Image selection and productionn

Website and app design services

  • User experience design (IA, UX and UI)
  • Website and app development
  • Responsive website design
  • Material design
  • App design
  • Digital production
  • Animation
  • SEO