Digital Brand Consultancy

Nucleus is a digital brand consultancy with a difference. Not only do we create and capture value for our brand consulting clients, we also practise what we preach: combining our brand, naming, tech and IP know-how to back our own ventures...

Founded as a brand consultancy by Peter Matthews in 1979 , Nucleus has long been an innovator, continuously at the forefront of brand, digital and intellectual property consulting. We have combined organic growth with strategic acquisitions, such as internet services specialist, Equire in 2004 and intellectual property experts Hallmark IP in 2005, to create a unique and highly talented digital brand consulting team.

Today, Nucleus specialises in strategic digital brand projects, often starting assignments with the brief to create a new brand or rebrand an existing business. Our experienced consulants' work closely with our clients to define brand and digital strategies that align with business strategy and directly influence the achievement of corporate goals. This often includes brand naming and the definition of a compelling brand promise, which can be delivered across all cuustomer touchpoinnts. Digital strategies must support the brand proposition, with digital projects always starting with a discovery stage to uncover business requirements and user needs.

All our consultants agree that branding is about creating strong, competitive preference amongst target customers. This creates valuable intangible value, which is turned into profit through effective marketing, which, in a digital world, brings all our skillsets together.

This is why we see every project we work on as a brand project, proving that your business is your brand, and your brand is your business.