Delivering brand and digital projects

Our motto has long been “We are only as good as our last project” and that is why we cherish our strong reputation for delivery.

Brands and websites need to be launched to plan, fully tested and ready for the real world. Our team has an enviable track record delivering major projects on time and on budget.

Much of this success comes down to proper planning and defining exactly what is required at the outset of the project. From what we have seen, problems at launch are usually related to loose or ambiguous requirements which impact delivery (and budgets) long after they weren’t thought about.

From a brand perspective, delivery also means consistent implementation of brand standards, where the brand is documented in guidelines and protected with trade marks prior to launch and then updated to keep track of emerging requirements. For digital, the launch of a website or app is just the beginning of a cycle of continuous improvement, based on feedback loops of: analytics, conversion data and usability analysis.

Our brand management services

  • Project management
  • Brand guidelines
  • Trade mark application and filing
  • Trade mark watching
  • Brand tracking
  • Brand asset management

Our digital managed services

  • Project management (Agile and Waterfall)
  • Webmastering
  • Web hosting in our private cloud
  • Social media
  • Monitoring and analytics
  • GDPR reviews
  • Performance monitoring
  • SEO
  • Security reviews