Palmier Ile

Palmier Ile

brand case study

A luxury fashion resortwear brand

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Palmier Ile is a new luxury resortwear brand


Impressed by our work in luxury hotel and fashion branding, Singaporean fashion entrepreneur, Michelle Tan, approached us to create a brand identity for Palmier Ile, her sustainable luxury resortwear brand. 

Palmier Ile is a beacon of sustainability with a pledge to minimise its ecological footprint. Each item of clothing is meticulously crafted in the Eastern Mediterranean by skilled female artisans using traditional manual wooden looms. Motifs and colours are woven and embroidered to reference ancient Greek culture and traditional art, creating contemporary designs based on authentic crafts.

With the brand sold in 5-star beach resort boutiques, our brief was to create a contemporary and stylish brand identity that positioned the brand as a luxury collection, but also reflected its artisanal roots.


We created a simple, elegant typographic solution that suggests craftsmanship and attention to detail, without any unnecessary embellishment. The use of letterspaced letterforms creates a cool, contemporary impression and a minimal aesthetic which is in harmony with the relaxed atmosphere of a luxury beachside resort.

We focussed on making the label distinctive yet understated, as this will be the brand’s most important manifestation.

The palm symbol is a visual link with the name and a subtle nod to the artisanal weaving process. It also reflects the atmosphere of the resort locations where the brand will be sold, adding simple elegance and hand-crafted sophistication.

The brand is already evident on the Palmier Ile website and fits perfectly with the understated elegance of the seasonal fashion collections.


The new website launched in March 2024. In its first year, Palmier Ile has received positive coverage in the travel and hospitality press. With this momentum established, the brand now aims to build its presence and profile internationally, with retail agreements with Four Seasons and other luxury hotel brands.