brand case study

A real estate brand with more life, more style


Sephira Group and the Geyser Group are collaborators in the development of a large luxury multifamily real estate development in East Austin, Texas. They were looking to create a stand-out brand for their flagship development to differentiate it from competitors, and took the unusual step to reach out to Nucleus in London to create the brand proposition, brand name and identity. 

Multifamily developments – designed to offer an upscale lifestyle to residents with access to a wide range of community facilities such as a pool club, workspaces, gym and EV charging – are attractive to young professionals and families. In East Austin, local employers include Apple, Facebook, Google and Tesla. The development comprises studios, one and two bed apartments that feature contemporary décor and high-end design features.


We worked closely with the client’s leadership team to identify a differentiated positioning and proposition for the development. The building will be one storey higher than any other in the vicinity, which inspired our proposition of ‘taking multifamily living to new heights’. From this, we created the value proposition ‘more life, more style.’

We then turned our attention to creating a distinctive, meaningful and protectable brand name, settling on Vivalta, to reinforce the proposition and emphasise the panoramic views over downtown Austin. The use of ‘Romance’ language to communicate the ‘high life’ in the name was prompted by East Austin’s multicultural mix of East Austin, and departs from the usual English convention.

Once the name and proposition were aligned, our design team then brought the proposition to life. The brand mark has been created from bespoke letterforms to communicate elegance and sophistication with the A’s being inverted V’s to create a distinctive typographic rhythm.

A repeat pattern incorporating a ‘VA’ monogram was also designed along with a distinctive typographic system and a colour palette which reflects the natural architectural finishes, featuring a dark olive green often associated with luxury brands.


Our brand guide covers priority items such as printed communications, social media and signing principles, ready for the full marketing campaign which commences early in 2024.