ASDA at home

ASDA at home

digital case study

Defining how consumers shop online


ASDA, the UK’s third largest supermarket chain, commissioned Nucleus to develop the content architecture and user interface for the ASDA@home service, working alongside McKinsey, and using BroadVision as the eCommerce platform.


Having developed Sainsbury’s first ecommerce store with Hewlett Packard between 1995-97, we used our early experience to design and build a user-friendly web interface that would attract and retain customers by enabling them to complete a typical weekly grocery shop online in a matter of minutes. This was our fifth major transactional site to be developed in BroadVision, utilising the platform’s strengths as an application server and ordering system, integrated with ASDA’s legacy systems. 


ASDA@home launched in November 2000 and was voted most user-friendly online supermarket store by Which? Magazine. More than a decade and a half later, the ASDA site retains much of its Nucleus-designed information architecture and design ethos.