case study

Fast-track brand promise and name change


Adfonic was one of the early European leaders in mobile advertising with its own Demand-side Mobile Platform for programmatic ad buying. However, its name infringed a much larger company’s trade mark rights and a re-branding was required.


The client was given one year to change their brand name, but after 10 months they had failed to find a suitable alternative name that was free from trade mark issues or available with an appropriate .com internet domain.

Nucleus was appointed to create a new name and brand proposition, with a deadline to identify a new name in just 4 weeks, allowing another month to register the IP. We worked on the brand proposition and naming in parallel to ensure the naming solution reinforced the value proposition. In less than a month we delivered a number of proposals, cleared by our own attorneys at Nucleus IP and with .com domains available. The name candidates needed to resonate as a tech sector business and were filtered for availability in Europe the USA and Asia. Product naming was also delivered as part of the exercise.


The business was re-launched as byyd in February 2014 with a new value proposition ‘Precision mobile advertising’ reinforcing the finely calibrated personal targeting possible via the byyd platform. Internally and externally, the name was warmly received as being distinctive, relevant and memorable.