Tiera Capital

Tiera Capital

case study

Naming a private equity investment product


Crédit Agricole Asset Management briefed Nucleus to create a new name for their single vintage, single manager Private Equity fund which allows private investors to build a customised portfolio of private equity investments from a range of carefully selected private equity offerings.


We followed our unique naming methodology to create name candidates that passed a set of rigorous criteria: international in appeal; pronounceable and meaningful in French and English; suggestive of growth and building a modular portfolio; and appealing to an informed UHNW audience. After shortlisting a range of options that met all these evaluation criteria and passed identical trade mark searches, Tiera Capital was chosen – a close equivalent to ‘earth’ in French, Spanish or Italian, with associations of stability, growth, modularity (tier A) and resilience. It is also well aligned with the brand heritage of Crédit Agricole.

We then completed detailed trade mark checks across the EU, as well as further searches in Switzerland, Singapore and Hong Kong. These ensured that there was no likelihood of opposition from owners of previously registered trade marks.


We completed the project to a tight schedule. Trade mark registrations have been successfully secured in various territories around the world, and the brand launched in its selected markets in 2015.