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Transforming personal health horizons

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Transforming personal health horizons


Qineticare was founded in Hong Kong by Feisal Alibhai. Through his life-changing experience of serious illness, Feisal was inspired to create a business that offers the highest standard of health management available, with a highly responsive and deeply compassionate approach to care, combining both Asian and Western approaches to healthcare and wellbeing.

Feisal searched the world for a brand partner who could help him name, position and brand this revolutionary new concept in healthcare. He found it in London with Nucleus.


We were intrigued by Feisal’s concept and attracted by his passion for reinventing healthcare to remove the fear and stigma of illness, and encourage people to take a pro-active approach to investing in their own wellness. 

We undertook a six-month project to identify a new market positioning concept and define a brand proposition that would cut through the existing narrative of healthcare insurance, private medicine and medical ‘concierges’. We then created a name that encapsulated the bringing together of Asian wellbeing and Western diagnostic sickness management. The brand name, Qineticare – pronounced ‘Chi-net-i-care’ – reflects ‘Qi’, the Chinese concept of life, energy and balance. Once the name was agreed, website domains and trade marks were secured.

Our reference point was to create a distinctive, elegant brand concept that was conceptually similar to a private wealth manager, but with the clear message that it is your health that is each person’s most valuable asset which requires expert management. Hence the idea of creating a Private Health Office offer with the visual language of a luxury brand. 

The brand system was then applied across the business and stationery, signs, brochures, membership packs and, of course, a responsive website.


Feisal is now well known within the Asian business community, and increasingly, around the world. He appears regularly on television, in the press and speaks at conferences on a regular basis. The core brand proposition of Qineticare resonates with its target audience, and the membership base has increased each year since launch.

Feisal remains happy with the brand and how it communicates his vision of pro-active health and wellbeing. We have re-engaged with him from time to time to ensure that his proposition is accurately reflected online.