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Branding a family office in Nigeria

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Brands and websites for a leading Nigerian family office and holding company


Nucleus was briefed by one of the leading family offices in Africa to create a new brand, website and supporting brand system – for the family office itself, and also the holding company. Both companies manage a wide range of assets for two highly respected private sector leaders with a successful entrepreneurial approach within the banking industry. As founders, they required a new name that would accurately communicate their long-term vision, goals and aspirations.


Nucleus worked directly with the founders on a new name. This became ‘tengen’ – a shortened form of ‘ten generations’: based on the concept of sustaining a multigenerational legacy. Tengen Holdings and Tengen Family Office were agreed as the new brand names.

The new name was then supported by a strong brand proposition. ‘Built to last’ reflects the purpose, passion and vision of Tengen. The company invests in, and builds businesses that thrive and endure, providing sustainable benefits to stakeholders and the wider community for generations to come. Nucleus helped to define the core values, and wrote all the copy for the website.

We were also involved in creating business presentations that communicated Tengen’s business strategy, incorporating a philanthropic approach to a range of important African initiatives.


The new brand and website have helped stakeholders to truly appreciate the values and investment strategy of Tengen. The founders’ proactive approach to developing high performing businesses – adding long-term value to their investment portfolio – is already proving successful, and clear guiding principles for the future are now established for the family office.