brand case study

A brand for lifestyle prize draws


Nucleus was appointed in February 2015 to create a new brand for a unique business proposition – based on using unredeemed loyalty points to enter a wide range of prize draws. Our client required a highly distinctive name that could be protected as an international trade mark.


We applied our seamless brand naming and design methodology to ensure that we captured the essence of the new venture, creating a name that is memorable, protectable and relevant to the business model. The dotcom website domain was also a requirement which was secured as part of this process. Once the brand name was approved, we created a brand mark that captures the fun, colour and energy of this particular niche within the B2C leisure market. The Yoozpoints website, implemented by others, was driven by the need to make it highly usable on mobile devices, allowing rapid access to key content such as the prize draw results.


The brand and website were soft launched in September 2015 but the business model was compromised by the reluctance of loyalty schemes to engage. Unfortunately, this start-up failed, but its innovative brand lives on in our archive!