IP Asset Management

There is huge value in intellectual property, but much of it lies unrealised in the filing cabinets of patent and trade mark departments. Defining a strategy which prioritises protection of certain brands and valuation and disposal of non strategic assets will become a feature of business in the coming years.

Patents, trade marks and domain names are often registered and then forgotten as their original purpose has been superceded by another strategy.

However, this intellectual property may well have a value to another owner, as evidenced recently by Google's acquisition of Nortel's patent portfolio for $900m, the $13m price-tag for sex.com and $8m paid for fb.com.

We recently advised a client in the automotive industry, who was able to secure £3m for a single trade mark registration which was the missing link in a series.

Realising value from existing IP, valuing brands and acquiring domains are some of the non-standard mandates we are given from time to time and we see an increase in interest in existing IP as new names and trade marks become harder and harder to protect.

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