Trade marks

Gaining trade mark registration for a brand is the only way you can cost-effectively protect your brand investments. Doing so across many classes and many international markets is not always straightforward, so you need good advice.

With brand hi-jacking, passing-off, counterfeit goods all becoming major threats to established brands, there are many unscrupulous individuals and organisations aiming to benefit from your brand's reputation.

The only way to cost-effectively act to stop such illegal activities is to enforce your trade mark rights across all the markets that are of current or future importance to you. If you do not have a trade mark, you will have to resort to passing-off or copyright infringement which are much more difficult and expensive to prosecute.

Nucleus’ uniquely combined brand + digital + IP consulting teams can advise and help implement robust brand protection and enforcement strategies and work with litigators in individual countries to promptly bring actions to court.

We also help our clients with trade mark watching services to keep a look out for third parties looking to register similar marks across the world, before they become a problem.

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