Business friendly Bahrain launched online by Nucleus

03 April 2008

The three websites included a new website, plus additional web sites for the Economic Development Board and a specialist site for Financial Services, all aligned to support the new Bahrain brand proposition, positioning the Kingdom as the best place to do business in the Gulf.

Bahrain offers an exceptionally favourable economic climate to foreign investors, with excellent travel and communication links within the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa), plus advantageous conditions to help foreign companies prosper, including zero corporate and personal tax, a highly educated workforce and lower costs than other Gulf states. The websites we have designed and developed communicate these benefits clearly and professionally, using a leading content management platform, hosted in the Kingdom, to make updating and development easy and cost effective.

The design is clean and simple, using specially commissioned photography to emphasise ‘friendliness’, avoiding cliched ‘photolibrary’ images.

Nucleus looks forward to continue to work closely with Bahrain EDB and M&C Saatchi to make Bahrain famous for its business-friendly proposition, continuously developing and enhancing all three websites as the up-to-date, first points of reference for anyone, anywhere, interested in the Kingdom.

The three websites can be found here:

Following highly successful work with WAFI in Dubai during 2007, Nucleus now has live projects in Dubai, Bahrain and Abu Dhabi, making the Gulf one of its most important markets, with numerous opportunities to apply its international branding, intellectual property and website expertise.