Forgotten Beauties – the art of website design

28 October 2020
Forgotten Beauties – the art of website design

Forgotten Beauties features original artworks exploring common, rare and endangered insects portrayed on large canvasses, with their individual back stories written by renowned entomologist Peter Pretscher. The website brings these artworks to life with large high resolution images and a gallery to allow visitors to examine each work in detail. Nucleus carefully optimised each image to enable a quick, frictionless user experience, while retaining the detailed integrity of each artwork.

The responsive design places the artworks centre stage, with a brand mark designed by Tillmann dissolving into a sticky header, whilst the page layouts and typography are classically clean and restrained. Maps show where the insects can be found and enquiries use secure forms.

Sophie Marchant, Forgotten Beauties partner: said “Nucleus has delivered an exquisite website which brings our collection to life online. The execution and attention to detail have been first class and we are confident this will help us to establish Forgotten Beauties with collectors and draw attention to the importance of these bbeautiful insects to the planet’s ecology.”

The website has been built on an Umbraco cms platform for ease of editing and updating and is hosted in the Nucleus private cloud, using Cloudflare for content acceleration.

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