Hitachi smart mobility launch

Nucleus advises Hitachi on the brand strategy for their revolutionary new Smart Mobility suite

20 July 2022
 Hitachi smart mobility launch

The new mobile app, launched in the Italian city of Genoa last week, allows passengers access to every mode of public transport in a city “hands-free”, using Bluetooth sensors to connect buses, trains and even funiculars. The 360Pass app also gives users the ability to hire e-vehicles, pay for parking and identify e-mopeds, with the cheapest possible fare automatically calculated at the end of each day based on the passenger’s actual usage – and without needing to purchase a ticket.

For transport authorities, the new suite of smart mobility software empowers operators with a “digital twin” of the entire transportation network, giving real-time visibility of passenger & multi-modal transport flows around any city. This platform is branded 360Motion.

Hitachi’s Lumada Intelligent Mobility Management suite includes powerful tech for passengers and transport operators alike – connecting smart ticketing, traffic flow management and e-charging through a common analytics platform.
This is the first of a number of sustainable branding projects to launch which Nucleus has worked on in the past 12 months spanning smart mobility, energy transition, waste management and smart climate. The 360 names are a series created to suggest the complete management of transport systems with goal of reducing pollution and congestion, increasing passenger flow and efficiency and achieving net-zero transport systems by 2050.