Introducing Encyclis, the new name for Covanta Europe.

25 January 2023
Introducing Encyclis, the new name for Covanta Europe.

Energy from Waste (EfW) is a solution designed to divert non-recyclable waste from landfill and turn it into energy. As the world strives to reduce its carbon footprint and recover useful materials from its waste, EfW’s role is a vital stepping stone in the decarbonisation process.

This important process is something Nucleus placed at the centre of their fast-track brand creation strategy for Covanta’s European business, which launched yesterday, 24th January 2023, just 6 months after the project commenced.

In August 2022 Covanta Europe appointed Nucleus to create a new name that could be protected by trade marks and a .com domain, define its brand promise and create a new brand identity and website for launch in January 2023. 

Within a month Encyclis was selected from five pre-screened naming candidates and Nucleus’ brand consultants moved on to develop the brand promise and narrative. 

More than energy from waste

This brand narrative is expressed as 100-word and 50-word statements, brand values and a tagline ‘More than energy from waste’, referencing the electricity generation and the other valuable by-products that are recovered from the EfW process. These include hot water used for industry or district heating - a by-product of the waste processing cycle - ash that is processed into aggregate for roadbuilding and metals recovered through recycling.

Imperfect Circularity

The brand narrative inspired the ‘imperfect circularity’ brand design. While aiming for 100% recovery, the process is not yet perfect, but in generating base-load electricity from waste that would otherwise end up in landfill and recovering other valuable materials, Encyclis is playing an important part in the transition to a more circular economy.

The brand design includes a symbol that reflects this rationale with a slightly elliptical design contrasted with clean sans serif logotype suggesting no-nonsense efficiency. 

The symbol is also brought to life in animations and icons, which share the distinctive colour palette.

Andy Bedford, Encyclis COO, commented: “We are absolutely delighted with our new brand name and identity. Nucleus’ process was frictionless, seamlessly moving from brand naming to brand promise, identity and website design, creating a distinctive and meaningful brand with which we can lead the industry.”

Peter Matthews, Nucleus’ founder and managing director, added “Our work with sus-tainable brands continues apace and Encyclis is a great example of a company with a clear and realistic vision of what is needed to transition to a cleaner and more sustaina-ble future. We have been thrilled to work with Andy and their leadership team to create a meaningful new brand, in double-quick time.”

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