Mobile web eclipses desktops, as smartphone transactions take off

31 July 2015
  • Mobile traffic hits an average of 50.28% in June 2014, compared with 42.95% the previous year
  • The number of mobile transactions grew 551% year-on-year, now accounting for 34.1% of all online transactions
  • As larger screen smartphone sales surge, mainstream brands are seeing mobile traffic soar to levels only previously seen with luxury brands
  • Apple maintains its dominant lead in mobile browsing, but its share continues to be slowly eroded by Android
  • Android’s growth appears stronger with mass market brands, whilst iOS maintains its position as the browser of choice for luxury brands
  • iPhones now account for more mobile traffic than iPads

Nucleus’ latest survey demonstrates a transformation of consumer mobile behaviour, with mobile browsing overtaking desktop browsing, and mobile transactions and revenue both showing strong growth. Greater consumer confidence to browse and purchase on-the-go is increasing the value of mCommerce.

‘Mobile-friendly’ websites, most using responsive web design, are more successful capturing this expanding market, whilst those who fail to optimise their websites are being left behind.

Read the summary and download a free copy of the survey

Peter Matthews, Nucleus CEO commented: “Our latest survey, the ninth since we started analysing the mobile web in 2011, shows the inexorable rise of mobile, both in terms of overall traffic and now a surge in transactions. We now forecast that the majority of digital transactions will be made on mobile devices within the next twelve months.”

With mobile web traffic now placing desktops in the shade and ‘commuter commerce’ accounting for £9.3bn of UK sales in 2014, according to a recent survey by Zapp and CEBR, Nucleus analysts believe this confirms their long-held view that a mobile-first web strategy is an absolute must for all brands.