Nucleus unveils an inspiring new Luxury Explorer to bring faraway places to your smartphone

12 October 2015

London, 12th October 2015 

Founded in 2005, Luxury Explorer has established a luxury niche with its cherry-picked collection of personally selected 5 star hotels and villas around the globe, but its previous website was not suited to today’s mobile world. With the launch of its new Nucleus-designed website, LE’s unique content, comprising personal reviews and recommendations for all the hotels in the collection, is brought to life for discerning 5-star travellers.

With 3,500 existing members, the new website has been unveiled over the past week in a series of visually inspiring ‘private view’ emails, which will become a feature of LE’s largely viral marketing strategy. Today, the site is formally launched.

Sophie Marchant, Luxury Explorer’s Editor-in-Chief, commented “Nucleus has created a stunning new website which is already capturing the imagination of our discerning membership community. With soft-launch results showing users are, on average, viewing more than 4.5 pages per session and spending 4.28 minutes per visit, we are confident they like our new website. This is a great start as we begin our marketing campaign, guiding discerning luxury travellers to only the very finest hotels and villas in the world.”

Explore the mobile world of luxury hotels and villas

Luxury Explorer selects each hotel based on informed personal experience, seeking to create the finest collection of hotels and villas in some of the most beautiful and inspiring destinations in the world. None of the hotels pay to be part of the collection and every review is independently authored by one of LE’s experienced editorial team.

With online booking directly integrated with many of the hotels’ own systems, best rates are guaranteed and a concierge team is available to make recommendations or handle more complex itineraries and luxury villa bookings.

Peter Matthews, Nucleus CEO added “New Luxury Explorer clearly illustrates Nucleus’ expertise in luxury branding and user experience design, ably demonstrating the value of mobile-friendly ‘responsive design’ techniques we have advocated for some time.”

Luxury Explorer’s plans include launching its own digital wallet, which will enable luxury travel gifting and loyalty across all its hotels and villas.