Mobile momentum lifts mobile’s share of web browsing to 38.4% in January 2014

10 March 2014

Key findings of the Nucleus Mobile Web Browsing Survey, conducted across 12 UK and international travel websites in January 2014, are:

Most travel brands have been slow to adopt mobile-friendly websites, but those already using responsive design techniques to deliver seamless brand experiences across all devices appear to be reaping the rewards, already averaging more than 40% penetration and higher conversion levels

Other surveys have confirmed both the inevitable growth in mobile browsing and booking and the slow response from brands to the opportunity to engage with users in a more intimate way. The writing has been on the wall for some time.

Android has made something of a comeback over the past two waves of research, with its share now accounting for 16.5% of all mobile OS. However, this does not appear to have been at the expense of Apple, where iOS retains a dominant 81.7% share - down from 82% in June 2013. Android’s growth therefore seems to be at the expense of other operating systems, especially BlackBerry and Microsoft.

iOS’s strong grip on web browsing and, of course, mCommerce, as other surveys have reported, makes Apple customers very desirable for luxury brands in particular.

It is therefore no surprise that the top sites in the survey were, again, luxury brands who, being more conscious of the need to provide seamless brand experiences, have been quicker to incorporate responsive design into their user experiences. These brands are set to reap the benefits of early adoption during 2014.

To add further to the inevitability of a mobile-first future, today, UK Government published its spectrum strategy signalling a leapfrog to 5G mobile technologies. More than €3bn has been committed to 5G funding by EU countries, making the prospect of instant web browsing and downloading a film in seconds a near-term reality.

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March 2014

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