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16 August 2012

The following month, Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, mentioned “post-PC era” no less than 22 times at the launch of the new iPad and now, six months on, our own evidence of continuing mobile growth suggests that Web 2.0 is truly past its sell-by date. Half our sample of 10 websites surveyed, totaling 2.20m users, reported >20% of all traffic browsing on mobile devices. The top site registered 26.55% penetration.

The rate of mobile web browsing growth has slowed, however, down from 72% in the previous 6 months, to a more sustainable 17.8%. We think this is a pregnant pause and expect events like the Olympics, where smartphone and tablet users accessed streaming website video in their petabytes, the upcoming launch of the iPhone 5, and more mobile-friendly website designs, will together create another growth spurt to safely deliver the birth of the Mobile era.

  • Mobile browsing of travel websites more than doubled in 12 months to an average 20.5% of all traffic surveyed
  • Rate of penetration slowing, but still up 17.8% since January 2012
  • iOS devices continue to dominate maintaining an 84.9% share of mobile browsing devices compared with 85.6% six months earlier
  • iPhone 5 launch likely to reinforce iOS' dominant position
  •  Android makes no further gains, steady at 8% penetration
  • Luxury sites on track for >30% mobile traffic by end-2012

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Peter Matthews
Nucleus Founder & CEO
August 2012

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