EIT InnoEnergy

EIT InnoEnergy

brand case study

Naming a reskilling academy for the renewables sector.


EIT InnoEnergy spearheads the way to decarbonise Europe by 2050, bringing the investment, technology and skills required to accelerate the sustainable energy innovations and improve energy security. It is recognised globally as the most active sustainable energy investor.

The role of EIT InnoEnergy’s training academy – previously known as EBA Academy – expanded rapidly from a European mandate to a global one, and from being a specialist in the battery sector to cover energy storage, green hydrogen and Solar photovoltaics. However its EBA name was rooted in an acronym for ‘European Battery Alliance’ so needed to change to embrace its increased remit, while a new brand proposition also needed to capture the new remit and engage stakeholders around the world, including key industrial alliances and companies of all sizes, universities and training providers – comprising a trusted ecosystem of 1200+ partners and 29 shareholders.

In January 2023, Nucleus was tasked to create a revised value proposition and new name for the academy.


Nucleus worked with EIT InnoEnergy in a fast-track programme to define and articulate the brand strategy, values, brand promise and naming for the Institute, starting with an intensive senior management workshop in Barcelona.

Nucleus used its 5-step Brand Experience Blueprint® process to guide the brand strategy development, resulting in a brand narrative expressed as values, value drivers, 100-word, 50-word brand propositions and a positioning strapline – the brand promise - “Transforming skills for a sustainable tomorrow.”

After considering many naming possibilities, we recommended a highly descriptive name that would focus on skills aquisition using the ‘InnoEnergy’ name as a prefix to communicate a link with this dynamic and respected organisation.

Our recommendations were accepted, and EIT InnoEnergy took the name through an internal process of agreement and socialisation.


The InnoEnergy Skills Institute announced its new name in May 2023.

The initiative will provide significant levels of training and development for industries evolving in line with the energy transition. It has enlisted NIIT, a leading global talent development corporation, to scale the offering with the aim to reach more than 800,000 workers by 2025.

Oana Penu, Director of the InnoEnergy Skills Institute said: “Industries central to the energy transition will see a dramatic uplift in the need for new skills and expertise to drive progress. So, it is not a surprise that 71% of
CEOs already cite skills shortages as their most significant business challenge.

As the InnoEnergy Skills Institute, we are dedicated to supporting green innovations of the future and ensuring there is a trained workforce to achieve climate goals. Our strategic partnership with NIIT will leverage its leadership in global talent development to help make this a reality.”