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Brand strategy for a revolutionary smart mobility suite

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Brand strategy for a revolutionary smart mobility suite


As a global leader in transport and technology, Hitachi’s vision for smart mobility is to digitise and optimise every part of the journey across all modes of public transport in order to achieve the goal of Net Zero by 2050.

As part of this, Hitachi Rail appointed Nucleus to define a brand strategy and name architecture for their new suite of digital services to be called Lumada Intelligent Mobility Management. The suite brings together Hitachi’s holistic vision for smarter mobility across three key areas: smart ticketing, mobility management and electrified mobility solutions – all designed to help transport authorities, transport operators and passengers shift to more seamless and sustainable transportation.


We started by understanding the situation before defining a clear brand proposition, articulating a long-term 360º vision that will ultimately benefit society through the achievement of Net Zero goals.

Having identified the 360º brand concept, we created a series of 360-based brand names, including 360Motion (a real-time analytics platform) and 360Pass (a hands-free smart ticketing solution). We then managed the trade mark application process and designed the brand system, using 'circularity' as the visual concept. This features a precisely calibrated bezel around the numeric mark, which is contained in a roundel. The brand can be brought to life using animation, where appropriate, such as the app splash screen.

Hitachi’s 360º brand architecture will soon expand with new brand names for flow management and electrified mobility.


The 360Pass smart ticketing app and 360Motion platform were launched in Genoa, Italy on July 20th 2022. 

Alessandro de Grazia, Group Head of Smart Ticketing, Hitachi Rail, said: “Hitachi’s Lumada Intelligent Mobility Management suite is a world first for smart mobility and can improve urban transport in cities around the world. For the first time, passengers can plan and access the most convenient multi-modal journey for the cheapest fare, without ever removing their phone from their pockets.”

Peter Matthews, Founder and CEO, Nucleus said: “With our focus on designing brands for a sustainable world, we have been thrilled to help Hitachi create a brand architecture for their revolutionary intelligent mobility suite, launching products as innovative as 360Pass and 360Motion, which will help cities and transport operators reduce pollution and congestion and achieve net zero by 2050.”