Anita’s House

Anita’s House

brand and digital case study

Brand name change-led transformation

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Branding that conveys a 5-star user experience


Babylist was a successful concierge service for affluent first time parents who need help and advice preparing for their first born. For ten years Babylist grew its London-based business with wealthy and celebrity clients opening opportunities further afield. In 2015, a US-based ecommerce business operating under the same name started to confuse the situation and Nucleus was appointed to provide strategic brand advice to the owners. 


We worked closely with Anita and Joey Worlidge to define a new brand strategy whereby settling a trade mark dispute and selling the domain would fund the rebranding of the business. We settled on a new name, Anita’s House, that reflected the owners’ personal advisory role in the business and applied for trade mark registration and acquired the .com domain. We then designed a new brand identity and website to create a 5-star user experience, whether in face-to-face consultations or buying curated products via the company’s website.


The new brand was launched in 2016 and was warmly welcomed by Babylist clients, who saw the more personal, high-touch approach fit better with their own experiences. Business has continued to grow and the Anita’s House brand was even included in an episode of Made in Chelsea. Future plans include a full ecommerce service and online bookings of expert consultations.