Body Regime

Body Regime

brand case study

Dual naming project for a product & corporate brand


Nucleus was approached to name and design a brand for a range of new generation nutraceutical products, to be sold to consumers online and over the counter – commencing with the North American market, followed by Latin America, Europe and other regions. The product is aimed at the global weight management market, which is now estimated to be worth $600 billion. At the same time, Nucleus was asked to name and create the corporate brand name for the entity that markets the product brand.


We worked on both names in parallel, to ensure that the best options were considered together. Both names were devised through our naming methodology, which considered simple names that would engage a unisex consumer audience – with an emphasis on female consumers.

We were also asked to ensure that both names were available as dot com urls. This required a substantial long list to generate suitable name candidates. On approval of the names, we created visual assets for the brands, ensuring that they would work optimally on product packaging and other applications. The use of colours is intentionally striking, to assist with standout in a highly competitive B2C retail environment.


The product brand launched in early 2016.