brand and digital case study

Raising awareness for a specialist charity


CICRA, or Crohn’s In Childhood Research Association, is the only UK children’s charity dedicated to funding research into two chronic inflammatory bowel diseases in children, Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis, and to providing support for young people suffering from these conditions.

Nucleus was appointed to develop a new corporate brand which would raise public and media awareness of these conditions, with consistent brand experiences delivered across all media.


The CICRA brand combines youth appeal with a sense of authority and purpose. Besides expressing the childhood element, the graphic style hints at the psychological stress and disturbance of these conditions. We applied this identity in the development of a literature system to brand a range of leaflets about the conditions aimed at parents, schools, GPs as well as the children themselves.

The same spectrum of stakeholders drove us to segment the new website, which we designed and built for CICRA, into a main site and a ‘cool zone’ for kids. The tone of voice is different between the two sections but the overall identity applies equally well to both. The site contains message boards, games and ‘ask the doctor’ pages, as well as other useful information.


CICRA has been highly appreciative of Nucleus’ work, which has given the charity a more authoritative ‘voice’ in the medical world as well as in the increasingly tough battle for share of wallet.