My Amego

My Amego

brand case study

Naming and branding a unique product


Sentinel Healthcare Solutions developed an intelligent supportive system specifically for people with dementia and cognitive impairments and wanted to market this solution to care homes, but also, longer term, directly to consumers. The company approached Nucleus to help brand and market the application.


As with all projects, we started by really understanding the situation, including the market sector, the Sentinel applications, competitors and unique differentiators. We recommended that a consumer-friendly brand name be created, to help the company stand out in a sector full of techno-speak, and to create emotional pull from the end-users who are asked to wear the application devices.

We created and trade marked the name ‘My Amego’ to reinforce the product’s proposition of being a ‘friend’ to those suffering dementia. The brand mark flowed from this, featuring a strong icon. The green, yellow and black brand colourways were chosen as they are easily distinguished by those with impaired faculties.


My Amego was successfully trialed and installed in locations across the UK with a range of customers including council owned and private care homes. This confirmed the system’s feasibility, and its success has prompted discussions with the UK’s foremost care home providers. The brand was rolled out into selected European markets during 2012.