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Branding a fintech information marketplace

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A distinctive new brand for the European tech sector


Go4Venture provides free professional investment data on transactions under $10m in the European tech sector, bringing together growth companies looking for venture capital with investors and professional advisers to facilitate innovation and support European tech industries. As part of a repositioning, Go4Venture required a new brand identity.


We created a simple, distinctive and memorable mark that will become synonymous with European tech venture financing and early stage funding for innovative companies. The inherent simplicity of the square mark, presented in the manner of the periodic table, allows the master brand to emphasise the Go prefix and be extended to include other key messages as associated propositions in the same ‘tabular’ format.


The new brand, launched in September 2015, has provided the name with a distinctive visual mark to energise the launch of the Go4Venture information marketplace portal. Our client believes that it captures both the vitality of the European tech sector and the necessary structure required to manage and exchange complex data.