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A faster user experience for the slow holiday people

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A faster user experience for the slow holiday people


A flourishing, independent travel company, Inntravel is known for creating bespoke holidays focused on finding time to slow down, recharge, re-energise, and feel refreshed. The complexity of its product offer makes it challenging to sell online, as each of its 400+ holidays combines a wide range of components and permutations.

Nucleus has worked with Inntravel on the company’s online presence since 2009 and has developed a deep understanding of the brand positioning and value proposition. In 2019, after a decade of solid service, it was deemed time to retire the old website and create a new, fully responsive, website using the latest version of Kentico CMS to support personalisation.


The new website was built with SEO first and foremost, using .NET MVC to separate the code from the content, and coded with the AMP web component framework (Accelerated Mobile Pages), to be super-fast and smooth loading across all devices. Google reports that AMP pages served in Google search typically load in less than one second and use ten times less data than any equivalent non-AMP pages.

Highlights of the new website include: a more intuitive information architecture, simplified navigation, interactive maps, as well as new, improved holiday search functionality to explore the whole product offer. Great improvements have been made to the holiday pages themselves, with more and larger images, greater detail in the holiday information, easier to scan pricing sections with pricing, optional extras, flight details now pulled in dynamically.


Simon Wrench, Inntravel’s Director of Marketing, commented: “We are incredibly excited about our new website and we are sure our customers will be too. The holidays have really been brought to life and it’s far easier for customers to find information. We expect to see a marked uplift in online bookings and enquiries. We’re confident that we will hold our good SEO rankings and keen to see what effect the AMP pages have to further enhance these. Thank you, again, Nucleus!”