Rothschild Global Financial Advisory

Rothschild Global Financial Advisory

brand and digital case study

Redefining global investment banking


With both Wealth Management & Trust and Rothschild Reserve proving the value of clear brand propositions to this family-owned business, Rothschild’s Global Investment Banking briefed us to help re-position the investment bank and create a single clear proposition and communication style worldwide.


Working with the CEO and Global Investment Banking Committee, we deployed our brand proposition development methodology to identify ‘what Rothschild IB wanted to be famous for’.

We engaged with the top 20 investment bankers worldwide to understand the key strategic issues and test early thinking.

We concluded that the very term ‘investment banking’ was confusing for an advisory firm like Rothschild and proposed alternatives, settling on ‘Global Financial Advisory’ to bring Rothschild’s advisory firms around the world under one name and differentiate them from integrated investment banks like Goldman Sachs, UBS, JP Morgan and Barclays Capital.

In parallel, we defined a set of values and tuned internal mission statements to emphasise Rothschild’s independence and impartial approach, before exploring how to create the new brand aesthetic, which draws upon Rothschild’s unique image archive.


The new brand proposition was successfully launched internally and externally in June 2011. To reinforce the brand proposition and upgraded identity, a new global website launched in September 2011, covering all Rothschild businesses.