Rothschild Reserve

Rothschild Reserve

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Harnessing the magic of Rothschild for consumers

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Harnessing the magic of Rothschild for consumers


Following the success of the Rothschild Wealth Management & Trust rebrand, it became clear that there was potential to use the Rothschild brand in a wider consumer context, specifically private investors with £20-100k to invest for a fixed-term. In early 2009, with the banking crisis in full flow, it was decided to explore possibilities of a two year fixed-term UK bank deposit ‘bond’.


Our work included helping the Rothschild banking team to define the product offer; develop the product name ‘Rothschild Reserve’; trade mark the name; advise on customer segmentation, marketing and advertising channels; followed by execution of print and digital media. It was agreed that the main thrust of the offer would be via a specially designed website and online application form, supported by some highly targeted advertisements in quality broadsheet newspapers, including the FT, The Times, Daily Telegraph and Independent, supported by PR.

The multi-media execution included re-coloured bond images from Rothschild’s archive combined with distinctive typography. All print items were produced to extremely high standards, with foil blocking on stationery and bond certificates.


The first Rothschild Reserve offer was planned to run for a month from mid-June 2009. The offer closed early having raised double the target investment levels. Each subsequent offer has easily met its financial target with a take up rate ahead of expectations and significantly above industry levels – all within the context of a difficult and tentative retail market. Customer satisfaction in the brand has achieved exceptionally high levels. 

Using an established investment banking brand for online retail deposits has now been followed by Goldman Sachs launching its Marcus brand in the UK in 2018.