Smart Transactions Group

Smart Transactions Group

brand and digital case study

Branding the UK’s leading smart payments group


Smart Transactions was formed in a £56m deal by bringing together sQuid and Applied Card Technologies (ACT), the leading supplier and operator of transit smart card systems in the UK.

A new brand name, identity and website presence were required at launch of the new group. With Nucleus, the major shareholder in sQuid, the brand identity brief did not go out to tender.


Nucleus created the name, brand identity and website at short notice to support the announcement of the merger of sQuid and ACT.

The brand mark represents not only today’s card technologies but also NFC transactions via mobile transactions on smartphones and other devices. The brand system provides for the ongoing use of both the sQuid brand in consumer eMoney and ACT as a B2B service provider in transit and tourism. The launch campaign also included PR, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter pages.


The launch was highly successful with Smart Transactions gaining immediate profile and recognition across the transit, payments and loyalty industry arenas, in Europe, Africa, Asia and the USA. Under the Smart Transactions umbrella, sQuid continues to grow its international reach, while ACT was divested to Fujitsu in 2015.