Design for digital

At one level, digital is just another medium a brand needs to come alive in. On another, it’s where most new brands now win or lose. Even if you are an FMCG manufacturer or hotel owner, you absolutely have to present your brand effectively across digital media. If you depend on generating revenue online – and let’s face it, who doesn’t these days – you will need to do better than that.

Brand experiences need to be designed to be consumed across all media, by designers who are fluent in all disciplines. This way a brand – by definition a promise of consistent quality – can be experienced consistently across all touchpoints.

Savvy 21st century consumers are put-off by inconsistent experiences, so presenting contrasting experiences across media only serves to confuse. This is where a single creative perspective is needed and where Nucleus can provide significant value.

Digital design is not the same as 2D design. The rules are different and the customer experience is far more complex. In today's Mobile era there are more design challenges than ever before, with digital designs needing to be responsive to different devices, from wide-screen PCs to laptops, to iPads and iPhones and not forgetting Android tablets smartphones. Not only are the interfaces different proportions, but each device uses different browsers. This introduces new challenges not all website designers are up to.

The need for structure, architecture, usability and differing requirements demanded from the plethora of diverging devices means that digital designers and technical developers need to work together to find creative solutions to these complex requirements.

At Nucleus, our talented, award-winning design and technical teams combine proven design and development processes with a culture of collaborative and agile working to create design solutions that are both inspiring and practical. It is certainly about creativity, but it is also about rigour and staying at the cutting-edge of design and digital thinking. Picasso said “Art is 99% perspiration and only 1% inspiration”; we think he was about right.