Digital strategy

In today’s increasingly wireless world, digital strategy and brand strategy must both align to support the achievement of business objectives. Nucleus is one of the few consultancies where this is second nature.

Digital strategy can be applied defensively, differentially or disruptively. The majority of new business models are now digital models, including social mcommerce, social media, cloud, saas or group purchasing. However, it is not possible to set a digital strategy in stone, as its half-life will catch you out.

So the strategy becomes a journey that's in need of a clear direction, with frequent checks to ensure you are still pointing in the right direction and are progressing at the right speed. Too fast and you’ll burn through unproductive cash, too slow and new competitors will disenfranchise you.

As digital moves beyond Web 2.0 into the Mobile era, new winners are emerging who will steal market share from incumbents, because they identify new opportunities others miss. As we identified in our thought-piece Internet RIP, when major change happens in digital, not a single corporate leader has maintained its position from one wave to another. That is food for thought during the early days of the Mobile phase and illustrates the need to be continuously reviewing digital strategy.

Digital strategy must identify how target customers will be attracted, acquired and retained using all aspects of digital media and marketing, including: search engine optimisation, pay-per-click, banner advertising, social media and email marketing, plus new innovations like location-based marketing.

Today's new frontier is mCommerce and how to make things easy for busy consumers to use their smartphones and tablets to make their lives simpler and more efficient, wherever they happen to be.

With deep experience advising clients on digital strategy for more than 15 years and also from investing in our own disruptive digital ventures, Nucleus has the rare combination of experience and insight to set strategic directions and monitor progress along the journey.