Technology partners

Nucleus partners with a small number of proven application vendors and service providers. Each is thoroughly evaluated and approved before being deployed on client programmes.

Like all consulting firms we often work with partners. Some complement our core skillsets or add further specialism; others are technical partners, whose software or expertise help us deliver stronger solutions for our clients.

Over the years we have realised we are good collaborators, happy to work alongside other consultants. Often we lead projects, sometimes we support others. Either way we’re happy, as long as the combination of skills and approach make sense for our client.

A global Tier 1 network, IP and data center management company. Nucleus employs NTT data centers based in the UK for managed services contracts.

A high end enterprise content management system vendor.

A cost-effective, proven CMS system vendor. 

A leading mid-corporate content management software vendor.

Microsoft.NET is our preferred technical platform.

A leading mid corporate content management software vendor. Nucleus is an Ektron Value Added Reseller, with access to full development support.

One of the best-rated Free Open Source CMS built on the Microsoft stack. It is a rich and developer friendly platform that lets you build highly customized content, integrated solutions and web applications. Currently it is installed in over 150 countries.

A strategic hotel marketing solutions business.