Renascent guides business leaders towards their next horizon

Brand Creation

18 February 2019
Renascent guides business leaders towards their next horizon

With business leaders transitioning from corporate life earlier than ever before, how does a CEO or senior executive deal with the sudden loss of influence, support systems and long-established sense of purpose? The end of a long-term corporate career can represent the greatest bundle of challenges and opportunities of an executive's lifetime. The new business brings together experts from many fields to create a network of highly experienced individuals who create tailor-made and holistic programmes to help senior executives transition from corporate life.

We worked with the founders to deconstruct their business concept and rebuild it using inputs from our own research, interviews and insights. The first output was to clearly define the business purpose – which is to support business leaders with their career transitions and then articulate the client value proposition, which is summarised as ‘Discover your next horizon’ but also expressed as 90-word and 30-word propositions.

A Distinctive Brand Name

The value proposition then fed into the brand naming process where, after some deliberation, we recommended the concept of ‘rebirth’, settling on the name ‘Renascent’. Before recommending this distinctive and meaningful name, we filtered our naming shortlist to identify any possible trademark infringements and also secured appropriate high-level domain names. Renascent scored highly and came through our evaluation process with flying colours, so our trademark attorney colleagues at Nucleus-IP filed for registration.

The brand design and website then followed, with the brand mark expressed in a crisp lowercase classic serif font, with colour emphasising the first two letters. The design suggests an approachable and highly professional organisation, structured to provide one-to-one help and guidance. The website is simple and straightforward, with copy expanding on the value proposition and a home page image of a Lynn Chadwick sculpture, featuring a lone figure at sunset to highlight the emotional challenges of senior executive transition.

Renascent co-founder, Toby Marchant, commented “We are absolutely delighted with our new brand name, identity and website, which will positively position and differentiate us in our marketplace. Nucleus has delivered the foundations for a very strong brand, upon which we will now build our business.”

The Renascent website can be viewed at

About Renascent

Renascent has been established to develop unique, tailor-made programmes designed to help senior business leaders with major career transitions. These transitions can range from what is commonly referred to as ‘retirement’ to the unplanned disruption of a long-term corporate career.

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