Nucleus’ experience in digital luxury was the inspiration for Luxury Explorer, ‘the world atlas of luxury travel’.

Essentially, Luxury Explorer is a curated collection of the finest 5-star hotels and luxury villas in the world, personally selected and each expertly reviewed. It is aimed at people who prefer independent hotels with a perfect sense of place over cookie-cutter brands that dish up the same recipe wherever you are in the world.

As a content marketing model, it is conceived to create a like-minded community of users, who enjoy being inspired about familiar faces and faraway places. Social media and SEO are important ways of building this following cost effectively.

Location, view, aesthetic (grand or groovy), comfort, cuisine and service are the magic ingredients that have to come together to lure an LE inspector, long before LE writes a review or features a hotel on its site. Person reviews, photography and videos are all part of the content marketing approach.

Visitors can book using the hotel’s own website, affiliate partner or via the slick and informed LE concierge service. Advocates can subscribe to Luxury Explorer and keep up-to-date with the latest inspiration and special offers.

Originally launched in 2005, Luxury Explorer was relaunched as a responsive-designed, mobile-first customer experience in 2015 and now generates more than half its traffic and bookings from mobile devices.

Nucleus has used its deep luxury travel experience to create LE, but its operational experience running this wholly owned venture reinforces the company’s up-to-the-minute understanding of the digital travel world which, in turn, helps Nucleus’ clients, many of whom are also LE partners.

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