Tailoring an online solution


Inntravel is an independent travel company, known for creating unique, bespoke holidays. Whilst their printed marketing material was well regarded, their website – which was large, but disorganised – did not reflect the same high quality. In addition, there was little interaction with visitors to the site and no means of booking holidays online.

In 2009, they appointed Nucleus to upgrade their website and enable users to book online. Nine years later we are still working with them and creating a new website for launch in 2019.


Back in 2009, we completely redesigned the website, using design and photography that closely reflected the brochure material. We also introduced a content management system, using Kentico CMS for its flexibility as a customisable system. This enabled us to create a highly tailored solution that could meet Inntravel’s many bespoke requirements.


In December 2009, we launched the first incarnation of the new website which improved on all key metrics such as page views and length of visit. Since then, the site has gone from strength to strength and continues to evolve in an organic way. The site now enjoys twice as many visitors as it did back in 2009 with an increase in page views of 287%.

We have worked with Inntravel for over 9 years on various projects. We continue to develop and enhance the current website. The architecture / platform we introduced has proved itself resilient and flexible – in recent years we have added the integration of flight data and customer reviews, customised magazine-style blogs, a mobile version of the site and numerous visual, performance and functional enhancements.

Next year the new site will launch and the previous one will retire after a decade of solid service.