brand case study

Naming a leader in auto identity verification


Verifying a person’s identity is crucial to secure digital services, but doing so automatically in real time is only possible using generative AI.

The digital identity services market is forecast to hit $60.88bn by 2027 underpinned by increased mobile commerce and rising online fraud. Digitised Government and security risks are driving a ‘citizen digital identity’ trend requiring ever more innovative technologies. 

OCR Labs intends to become a leader in this rapidly expanding sector and needed to move on from their association with ‘optical character recognition’ which was becoming limiting. 

In summer 2022 we were appointed to create a compelling, relevant name for their fast-growing automated identity verification business.


Our preparatory research confirmed that ‘digital’ and ‘identity’ were the dominant word concepts used by most competitors’ brands. We identified a number of alternative themes, including the acronym ‘ID’ which we combined with a range of suffixes to create unique compound names. We then filtered these candidates through our name validation criteria, which includes trade mark and domain searches. 

The output was a shortlist of viable names with worldwide potential for trade mark registration, matched with available web domains.

We validated the shortlist by exploring their potential to support a full brand architecture and recommended ‘IDverse’ for its overall appeal and flexibility, showing how the ‘ID’ prefix could be applied to a suite of sub brands for both existing and future products or divisions.


‘IDverse’ was seen to be relevant and meaning in supporting OCR Labs’ core AI-powered identity verification proposition, while also drawing on the wider concept of the ‘metaverse’, where knowing who you are dealing with is absolutely vital.

Their new brand was launched in June 2023 with a brand identity and website designed by another agency.