CV Villas

CV Villas

brand and digital case study

Smartphone-friendly for the Mobile era


CV Travel was one of the UK’s most highly regarded villa holiday companies. Since 1972 the company has offered luxury and individual houses, villas and cottages, initially in Corfu, and latterly throughout Europe, in the Caribbean and further afield.

After a detailed search to find a design partner who could create a world-class villas website, Nucleus was appointed with the brief to refresh the CV Travel brand, completely re-invent the CV website, and also identify suitable CMS and booking technologies to create a new digital platform to support growing the business over the next five years.


The project started with a review of the brand and its proposition. We recommended the company change its name from CV Travel to CV Villas and reposition itself as a provider of ‘Luxury Villa Holidays’. We secured the .com domain name and trade mark registrations and then moved onto creating a new website.

With first hand insights into the growth of the mobile web, we recommended a mobile-first strategy to bring CV Villas’ properties to life on all devices. Our evidence suggested that users browse travel websites – and particularly luxury travel sites – using different devices at different times of day. As a luxury villas brand, we saw great competitive advantage being gained by creating a truly responsive finger-friendly brand experience.

The mobile-friendly design combines crisp graphics, responsive panels, large images, clear and concise text and easy to navigate features, including ‘property of the week’, special offers and villas selected by ‘type’, such as family, romantic and beachside. The search feature and villa availability are also features of the design.


Since launch, the average number of pages viewed has doubled and user visit duration has more than quadrupled. 

“We are confident that this beautiful, innovative new website will support our growth strategy.”

Francis Torrilla, CV Villas CEO